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"About US"

John E. Sagi's - Personal Golf Club Button Collection
The major part of my collection is Golf Club Buttons from throughout the World. I believe by displaying my collection will increase interest from collectors throughout the world. I will also be displaying images and drawings I receive, even if I do not personally have the button. If you have articles that you believe could help collectors, email the article to me and I'll post it. Images are improved and upgraded when better images are obtained. Any and all information is deeply appreciated.
Karen Szymanski
In memory of my best friend who I loved dearly. Karen was there in Fredricksburg, VA when I purchased my first golf club button that started my button collection and research website. She gave me encouragement when I had doubts on continuing the website. We shared the love of History, mine Golf and Karen Loved the Civil War and Lighthouses. She also had a tremendous knowledge of Birds, Plants and Animals.
Dixon Pickup's - Personal Golf Club Button Collection
The additon of Dixon Pickup's Golf Club Button Collection and the tremdous amount of history of the club buttons. He has made this website a true research site and has given so much knowledge, especially on the pre 1940 buttons, where it would be near impossible to find at this time. He is welcomed as a fellow collector and I consider a true friend.
Martin Moseling
Martin has helped with images, researching and identifying golf clubs. He added many club button images that were not listed and helped in the growth of the website.

Alan Jackson
Alan has helped with his knowledge of the older golf clubs, especially the defunct and clubs that have changed names. This knowledge is bringing life to clubs that closed long before the internet developed, and have been lost.

Lois Pool
Lois has been my mentor since 1996, when I first started my collection. She was the secretary of the National Button Society for 29 years until retiring in 2007. She has a small, but nice all around Golf Button Collection including a few golf club buttons that I didn't have and graciously allowed the images to be posted to my website.

Lois was always there, when obtaining golf club buttons were hard to find and I needed my spirts lifted. There were always kind words to pick me up, dust me off and keep me in the game. You can not ask for a more sincere friend.

Lois Pool's Collection

Carl Marinello
Carl has been a great help with golf collectables and he has a tremendous amount of knowledge of golf history, which helps us with researching the golf clubs. As you view the website you'll find many golf club collectables from his collection. He is a Senior Golf Course Management Executive with 30 years of experience.

Carl's Travels

My Humble Beginning

When I decided to take my Golf Club Button Collection and put it on the web, I never figured the interests of the Golf Clubs, especially the older clubs, to have such a tremendious response.

Shortly after activating the webpages, I was contacted by fellow collectors, that while researching the older clubs, they were finding information on old scorecards.

I remembered that back in 1996, I had created a coded golf club database of all US golf clubs, including the defunct and courses that had changed their name. I believed it would help with time lines of the older courses that much iinformation has been lost through the years.

I started to create pages for my other collections and realized they could help other collectors in identifing the collectible. While scanning my postcard collection, I noticed they had many old courses that no longer exist.

In 1996 my intentions were to display the defunct clubs on the web, so they would not be forgotten. The coding of the clubs would help to connect the clubs. This was a short lived concept due to the lack of interest from the major golf establishments and the expense of website storage.

I decided to put my other golf club related collectibles to the site. My golf club coded database will help to link the US clubs to all their collectibles, such as: Golf Bag Tags, Golf Ball Markers, Golf Club Postcards, Golf Club Scorecards, Golf Club Jackets and Golf Club Patches. Every club page will have a list and link to their other possible collectibles.

This is a work in process and some of the images were sent to me back in the mid 1990's when scanning wasn't that good. I'll update any images I receive that will improve the image presented. Please send the image of the actual size and let me reduce its size. Both front and back images are preferred.

I'm looking to add a overseas database of a similar concept to the Us codes.

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