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GolfTracer's New Web Marketing Service

If you believe your website needs this service or have additional questions, email us and our technicians will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your needs. The choice is yours as to what is needed to improve your business. We will be available to answer any questions or look at any redesigns that your site is going through and offer our suggestions to the proper optimization of the page.

Before you sign with any web marketing company:
    Gold Bullet Ask them to see their clients references on the search engine, not for just one or two phases, but for a large variety of terms.
    Gold Bullet Ask if you would be allowed to contact those customers for a reference.
    Gold Bullet Ask them if they use automatic software to generate their meta tags or their submissions, it should NEVER be used and if they say yes, go away fast.
    Gold Bullet Ask them if they create for you better than generic meta tags.
    Gold Bullet What about page text? Do they provide you with some words to be used on your pages to create a higher relevancy?
    Gold Bullet Will they be giving you a list of words that people are actually typing in to find your services.
    Gold Bullet Ask them if they also provide you with industry specific links that they have listed your site with in their service, and how are these obtained. Do they require a reciprocal link?
    Gold Bullet Ask if you receive a report at the end of the submission.
    Gold Bullet Ask if they will provide you with websites in your industry and/or location that you could contact to advertise with as part of their service.
    Gold Bullet Do you need to pay a monthly resubmission fee, and if so, why? Actually, a site, when done properly, only needs to be submitted once, that's right, once.
    Gold Bullet Will they always be around to advise you, to answer questions and will they charge you to look at a redesign you may have in the future.
    Gold Bullet We invite you to ask our clients about the above as well. They are listed at at the bottom of this page.


    The reason to hire a search engine optimization company or consultant is quite simple. Most companies miss the obvious when talking about their products and services to customers and potential leads. Those blind spots exist in our site copy. High rankings are obtained for focused searches, the ones that matter to your business most. We achieve them by through research by optimizing titles, introductory copy, links and body copy for the greatest amount of response among keyword phrases. Using specific tools and research, not by "borrowing" information from your competitors

Website Businesses that use our services

Rates and Packages Offered

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Ask how to save $100.00 with GolfTracer.

To learn more or have a few questions, please email us with your contact information and our technician will contact you within 24 hours.


Contact us for a quote on your website at marketing@golftracer.com